“The paintings arrived mid-week while I was out of town and I just opened them this morning. They are both gorgeous…Thanks!”
Lisa W., California

“Thanks again, Megan. I think I will now have a really cool display using both pieces on the same wall!”
Michael G., California

“It’s so gorgeous my eyes are welling up! I love it so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Was even more beautiful than pictured – Megan was an absolute joy. A+++”
Amy C., Texas

“A++ seller. Extremely happy with my item. I’m very impressed with this piece.”
Leida R., New York

“Beautiful piece, needs full sun or bright light to fully appreciate, easy to hang.”
David P., Oklahoma

“Love the piece, colors were so vivid, loved the artist interpretation.”
Sharon C., Florida

“Very pleasant buying experience. Great quality artwork!”
James S., Tennessee

“Okay, I love the painting, a lot. The paint you use has some very cool, unexpected characteristics, especially with the depth you put into the coloration.”
Rick W., California

“Thank you sooooo much for your amazing artwork. It fits so perfectly in our small, but appreciative dining room. Your skill belongs on Maui.”
Rick S., Hawaii

“All of her ideas for paintings are inspired by her love of the ocean. Believe me! She captures and paints it in a way that is truly unique and awesome!”
Tish K., Illinois