Megan Willis is an abstract artist living and working in Sacramento, California. Inspired by the intricacies of the sea and its inhabitants, its tranquility and power, there is something both serene and passionate about the pieces she creates. Her paintings are an exploration of the sea’s chromatophoric creatures—she uses color and fluidity to evoke a sense of magic and mystery.

Megan’s love of the sea grew from childhood summers spent exploring the waters of the Hawaiian Islands, creating a connection that has only strengthened through her global scuba diving adventures.

Educated as a creative and professional writer, Megan graduated from California State University, Sacramento, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She spent school breaks training in automotive paint technology at her dad’s auto body shop.

Megan’s paintings have been displayed in art galleries in Maui and Sacramento. Since 2017, Megan now sells her paintings online directly to clients around the world.

My materials exist in the most advanced automotive paint technology. My process starts with pouring individual colors across the surface of canvas. As the canvas is elevated and lowered, I continue adding colors while my movements cause the paint to flow in desired directions. As the surface hardens, I utilize fire, heat, water, and air pressure to create depth, movement, and texture that evoke natural ocean phenomena. Alternating between spraying clear coat layers and wet sanding the surface, I finally apply a wax polish to release the painting’s luster and luminous beauty.

Megan Willis