COCOS SERIES: Paintings in Progress

For the last 6 months since I returned from Cocos Island in Costa Rica, I have been working on 5 new paintings all on aluminum metal panels. I anticipate around 20 paintings on both metal and canvas when I complete the series. I am introducing some new metallic colors that inspired me while scuba diving around the island: copper, gold, and bronze.

Chatham, Cocos Series, 2019 – Chatham Bay was the most peaceful dive of the trip before we chased after a tiger shark into the blue. It was also next to my favorite deserted beach where Captain Morgan and Jacques Cousteau carved their names on boulders.

Wafer, Cocos Series, 2019 – Wafer Bay was also a calm deserted beach where I was marooned until the rain finally stopped. I was absolutely drenched, but I had fun chasing the deer and pigs in the rain. The land mixed with the water until the two were indistinguishable.

Pajara 1, Cocos Series, 2019 – Isla Pajara was a little booby-covered rock patrolled by tigers, but it also had the most colorful reef. There were bright orange frogfish and huge schools of moorish idols. This is the largest of 3 in the mini-series.

Pajara 2, Cocos Series, 2019 – This is the second largest of the 3 in the mini-series. I loved all of the colors while diving at Isla Pajara.

Pajara 3, Cocos Series, 2019 – This is the smallest painting of the 3 in the mini-series, but my personal favorite. Isla Pajara had quite a few pink gobies and scorpion fish amidst the gold corals.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christy says:

    I’m really loving the earthy tones but also the vibrant purples.


    1. Megan Willis says:

      Thank you, Christy! I’m excited for the Bahamas series, it’s going to be a lot of blues of course!


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