COCOS, CHAPTER 3: Dirty Rock and Alcyone

Over the next few days, it was hard for me to stop thinking about the magic of Manuelita. All I wanted to do was dive with more tiger sharks. But, the other divers wanted to find hammerhead cleaning stations in the deep waters surrounding the island. Fights erupted over any diver who unknowingly entered a cleaning station and spooked the hammerheads. Ed particularly chastised Robert on the dive deck in front of everyone. Ed yelled, “Maybe the rest of us would get []

FIJI, CHAPTER 3: Cyclone Keni

Barry’s and Joan’s pond bure was smaller than mine, but it had a concrete wall separating their bed from my “guest” bed. I dragged my bed away from the windows and pushed it up against the concrete divider. There was no giant window in the bathroom, which was a plus. Though, I still felt uncomfortable that my emergency bathroom trips would now become public knowledge, since there would be four of us crammed into one room. I cringed at the knock at []


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Michael S., Connecticut

“It’s so gorgeous my eyes are welling up! I love it so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Was even more beautiful than pictured – Megan was an absolute joy. A+++”

Amy C., Texas